HercuGlass - Ultra Break-Resistant Real Glass

Sports-Water-Travel Bottles


March 1, 2010 - Fruit juice cancer warning as scientists find harmful chemical in 16 fruit drinks from plastic containers. To see - Use a Google search on "antimony plastic fruit" Sooooo - - Why take a chance on plastic!? - Glass is the perfect container with more than 3000 years of testing.

We have solutions to your desire for an Eco-Friendly, non-plastic sports/water bottle, that protects the contents from leaching of chemicals from plastics or metals from aluminum and stainless steel. Water will taste like water - Did you ever wonder that chemical cause that "taste" when water is stored in a plastic sports bottle or canteen? We have bottles that are ULTRA BREAK-RESISTANT HercuGlass treated.

  • Want to save money and help decrease the tonnage of plastics that go into our land-fills? Use your own home-filtered water or buy sports drinks like Gatorade that can be purchased in powder form. Fill your bottles, add ice, and off you go.

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